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MiTafemale - capsules for women's health, Yvonika supplements (Standardized Extract), 60 Capsules

MiTafemale - capsules for women's health, Yvonika supplements (Standardized Extract), 60 Capsules

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MiTafemale (Mitafemale) - capsules for women's health (during menopause) from the Yvonika brand. At the age of thirty, many women begin to experience health problems, and most of them have to cope with a million tasks every day: family, children, career, self-development, and personal life. It is not surprising that health often falls by the wayside.

Women's health is a fragile and delicate system that needs additional comprehensive support, especially during menopause. Among the auxiliary medicines, natural products that have an organic and comprehensive effect on the female body: hormonal levels, psycho-emotional sphere, cardiovascular system, and skin condition deserve preference.

The main symptoms of menopause:

  • hot flashes, goosebumps, sweating;
  • rapid heart rate
  • headaches
  • pressure surges;
  • memory impairment;
  • muscle and joint pain;
  • hair loss.

MiTafemale is an absolutely natural product for improving women's health.

The unique proprietary technology of TM Yvonika allows to obtain fractions of substances with maximum biological effect from medicinal plants.


  • 100% natural product;
  • cleansing from toxins;
  • general strengthening of the body;
  • exclusively environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • quality control of TM Yvonika products from recipe development to the final product.
  • Ingredients.

1 capsule contains: extracts of the fruiting body of the shiitake mushroom, chamomile flowers, shepherd's purse herb, motherwort herb, lemon balm herb, wormwood herb, fenugreek seeds.

Properties of MiTafemale

Shiitake mushroom fruiting body extracts contain a diverse set of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, lipids and fatty acids. The extract has a general tonic and adaptogenic effect, which promotes endurance to physical, mental and stressful loads, supports sexual functions of women, and has sexual strengthening properties. This is due to its anti-atherosclerotic activity, as well as its stimulating effect due to the high level of zinc content. It has a positive effect on the circulatory system and delays platelet adhesion.

Chamomile flower extracts - relaxes smooth muscles, relieves spasm, activates cerebral blood flow; supports the heart, calms the nervous system. Normalizes all types of metabolic processes, improves blood circulation at the cellular level in the skin, stimulates the nutrition of hair follicles and nail plates, reduces hair fragility.

Shepherd's purse herb extract has hemostatic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, diuretic and choleretic effects; it enhances contractile activity of uterine smooth muscles, activates gastric motility and accelerates intestinal motility.

Motherwort herb extract is a calming agent, which reduces excitement in the central nervous system. It helps to normalize blood pressure, improves cardiovascular system functioning. It helps in case of painful menstrual cycle

Melissa herb extracts are recommended for headaches, migraines, insomnia, increased sexual excitability, painful menstruation, skin rashes, allergic diathesis, nervous or general weakness of the body and as an antidepressant.

Wormwood herb extract - has a regulating effect in case of sexual dysfunctions; it is believed that this is due to the property of wormwood to activate higher spheres of nervous regulation. Herbalists recommend wormwood for amenorrhea and hypomenstrual syndrome of central genesis, gynecological inflammatory diseases, as well as for the extinction of sexual activity.

Fenugreek seed extract is an excellent remedy for the treatment of female endocrine diseases. Fenugreek seed extract contains diosgenin, which acts as estrogen in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates uterine muscle contraction, stabilizes blood sugar level, improves sexual life. It is quite effective in case of unpleasant symptoms during menstruation and during menopause.

Quantity in a package: 60 pieces.

Method of administration 

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day with or after meals, wash down with water. The course of use is 4-8 weeks, depending on the state of the body and its ability to recover. For preventive purposes, it is recommended to repeat the course 3-4 times a year. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a complete diet. Consultation with a doctor is required before use. It is not a medicinal product.

*The product is not a medicine. Not a dietary supplement.

All results are purely individual and depend on the characteristics of the body.


1 capsule contains: extracts of the fruiting body of the shiitake mushroom, chamomile flowers, shepherd's purse herb, motherwort herb, lemon balm herb, wormwood herb, fenugreek seeds.

How to use

MiTafemale is completely natural, so it works through a cumulative effect. Take 1 capsule twice a day, with water or any other drink. Take the capsules on an empty stomach or half an hour before a meal. This way, the active components are better absorbed. The course duration is three months, but it can be prolonged in individual cases. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions before use.


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