To partners

FEMMA Company Offers Two Types of Cooperation:

  1. Work on the dropshipping system
  2. Wholesale purchases

Dropshipping — (from the English drop shipping - direct supply) is a model of sale of goods in which the supplier/manufacturer sends goods directly to your customer. This allows you to sell goods without the costs of the warehouse, product assortment and rent of commercial premises.

You post information about the product on trading platforms or in an online store. You pass the order and payment information to the supplier, and the latter takes care of checking, packing and sending the goods as soon as possible. Your profit will differ between the supplier's and your online selling price.

In simple words, the cooperation between our company and the outlet is as follows:

The buyer goes to the online store page and selects and pays for the desired product.

The seller transfers the payment to the supplier, minus his markup. In the column of the recipient of the order, the seller indicates the address of his client.

The FEMMA company sends the formed package to the recipient.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

We are direct manufacturers.

The entire assortment presented in the online store is always in stock and available to order in just a couple of clicks.

Sending is carried out on the day of the order by a carrier convenient for you.

What is needed to start cooperation?

You need to inform us that you are ready for cooperating.

You place the goods on your website.

They order a product from you, and you go to our website and place an order, paying for it at the wholesale price.

Tell us your details (name, mobile phone number, city and department).

To receive the wholesale price, you need to make an initial purchase in the amount of UAH 5,000 or more.


You can get acquainted with wholesale prices in the Sales Department by calling 0 (800) 33-26-78 (all calls are free)